game & App Music samples

Searching for that perfect sound to fit in with a game you're working on? Or maybe you need some tunes for the next biggest app. Check out some samples.


"A Day In Atlantis"

Tags: Exciting, Motivational, Adventurous, Fun


"Animal Treehouse"

Tags: Jolly, Bouncy, Relaxed, Background, Cheerful


"Adrenaline Junkie"

Tags: Adventurous, Upbeat, Orchestra


"Carbon Currency"

Tags: Futuristic, Deep, Epic, Dark, Electronic


"Covert Mission"

Tags: Intense, Electronic, Stealthy


"open world"

Tags: Positive, Motivational, Electronic, Futuristic, Piano


"Holiday decorations"

Tags: Positive, Jolly, Relaxed, Seasonal


"Jagged Labyrinth"

Tags: Pensive, Intense, Studio --- (Picture a staring contest)


"Summer Squeeze"

Tags: Inspiring, Positive, Adventurous, Electronic, Cheerful


"Natural Cycle"

Tags: Electronic, Logical, Systematic, Futuristic


"Midnight Studies"

Tags: Mysterious, Deep, Mischievous, Studio, Electronic


"Access Granted"

Tags: Futuristic, Intense, Electronic



Tags: Robotic, Retro, Positive, Motivational, Electronic


"Solitary Searching"

Tags: Sad, Chill, Relaxed, Studio, Electronic


"Jungle Exploration"

Tags: Adventurous, Bouncy, Happy, Upbeat, Playful


"Forest Glow"

Tags: Intense, Electronic, Epic, Deep



Tags: Chill, Puzzle, Electronic, Harmonics, Pensive


"Bush Dwelling"

Tags: Cheerful, Simple, Positive, Relaxed, Acoustic, Background


"Firefly Symphony"

Tags: Grand, Gentle, Chill, Futuristic, Electronic